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I dropped in on Marianne Elliott's blog & found she was talking about 'The Girl Effect'... this in turn lead me to the 'The Girl Effect' website... and to Tara Sophia Mohr's 2011 Girl Effect blogging campaign... I read Marianne's post & Tara's too... I watched vidoes on the Girl Effect wbesite...  I clicked onto a few of the other bloggers listed on Tara's campaign page & read those too... one of these post had me remembering one embarrassing day at school... 'Davos, Sanitary Pads and The Girl effect'  for me it was just one embarrassing day at school but imaging if it happened every month... so go and watch the video of Alison Gopnik talking about the Girl Effect... business week talks about 'The Economic Potential of the Girl Effect' with a comment by a Kenyian women Anne Osio...  ' Yeah, it's quite true that girlchild dropouts affect every country's GDP. I am a Kenyan and a woman who went to school without the very basic need of a girl, i.e. sanitary towels. I dropped out while in form five because of lack of sanitary pads. I could have made it to university. Please NGOS, come up with programmes that will help meet the basic need of girls in developing countries. It's a crucial call. Please do not stop: many bright girls are suffering in silence. Right now at the age of 40, I am trying to fulfil my lifetime dream of achieving a university degree, something I could have done at the age of 20.' While I'm unsure how I could effect the world as a whole I did feel I could as least help one girl to continue with her education... here's a link to a company that is helping girls stay in school to get an education...
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  • Marianne Oct 11, 2011 @ 11:55

    I think the wonderful thing, Tricia, is that when we help one girl to continue her education we never know how that might effect the world as a whole!

    Thank you for joining the Girl Effect campaign.

  • marion chapsal Oct 11, 2011 @ 12:01

    Love the serendipity present with The Girl Effect Movement. How you came across my post on sanitary pads, how I found your blog. Yes, every month, feeling embarrassement and shame. Wanting to hide and dropping from school. Just because of the lack of basic hygienic pads.
    After musing on your blog and your colors, I was struck by the image and the line: ” they give a wonderful purple dye… the sails on Cleopatra’s boat were said to be purple…”
    Purple of menstruations, too…
    There should be no shame, but protection and respect for sacred biological rhythms of life and death.
    Thank you for noticing my primitive and basic post, which disappeared in the flood of hundreds of beautiful vibrant posts.
    What a

  • tricia Oct 11, 2011 @ 13:43

    Marion & Marianne… thank you both for taking the time to comment here…

    Yes, Marianne if we all helped just one girl… the world would be a better place to be…

    Marion… ‘the purple of menstruations…’ your right there should be no shame for biological rhythms of life and death…

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